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A research shows that an unprotected computer system, being connected to network or the internet, will come under attack within the first 14 minutes use. Stronger and more malicious viruses/spywares are being released every day, are you sure that you could be safe without any protections? Especially, your computer contains invaluable data.

Gidea helps you to protect from:

Viruses Worms Spyware Adware

Firewall Box Solution

A hybrid firewall can protect your computer system, including intrusion prevention, multilayered anti-virus, multilayered anti-spamming and content filtering, while connecting to the internet.

The firewall examines electronic data coming in or out of a computer (or network) and compares it to the given rules (based on your requirements). The data will be allowed to pass or block based on the rule settings. You can take control of your network and build a working environment which is outfitted towards productivity, for example, restricting the access to social media sites.
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