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In order to stay at the top of the technology, you do not need to run the servers yourself. Gidea provides you different cloud hosting services based on your needs.

Faster speed connectivity

Over 2,000Mb high-speed local bandwidth, with 300Mb international bandwidth, ensures the connectivity protection and stability.

More stable

The uploaded data/files are replicated to anther servers to provide extra data protection. Another server will be up and run automatically if the original one is broken down. This helps no interruption of the services.

Higher availability

All workloads are shared with multiple servers by load balancing and auto-failover technologies, this helps to avoid overloading. 99.94% uptime is guaranteed.

More Elastic

Traditionally, server is required to shutdown before installing/updating the hardware which obviously affecting the normal daily operation of service. As the advantage of cloud computing, the service will not be interrupted during the hardware upgrading.

Non-stop service

By using RAID technique, the data/files will be stored/mirrored to every hard disk and they read simultaneously which speedups the rate and strengths the restoration ability during hard disk failure.

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